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Elevate Guest Experience at Your Resort with ARZ Cooling & Heated Benches

The comfort and safety of guests at theme parks and resorts is critically important. Visiting a theme park or ski resort should provide a thrilling and relaxing outdoor getaway for adults and kids. ARZ cooling and heating benches help protect the health and well-being of visitors at these venues and support comfortable guest experiences that promote return visits.


ARZ climate control benches for theme parks and ski resorts use ventilated heated or cooled air to raise or lower temperatures in the areas immediately around the benches, creating warm or cool comfort zones for relief in extremely cold or hot environments. Commercial grade engineering ensure years of use in the harshest settings.


Attractive standard designs for our modular, mobile benches make them ideal furnishings for any outdoor or indoor setting. ARZ heating and cooling benches can also be customized in any number of ways to help promote your theme park or ski resort brand.

Heated outdoor benches for ski resorts provide the perfect touch for staying warm and creating memorable guest experiences. Temperatures in winter at many ski resorts and lodges can get downright uncomfortable when guests are not skiing, snowboarding or being physically active. Bundling up can be burdensome. ARZ heated warming benches are the perfect solution.

Comfortable, attractive and durable, these forced air heated benches quickly raise the core body temperatures of users, helping to keep them warm and comfortable and protecting against muscle cramping that can result from excessive cold and tightness.

Even better, ARZ climate control benches are dual-purpose and can easily convert to provide air-conditioned cooling. When temperatures rise in summer, you don’t need a separate piece of equipment to continue to please your guests. ARZ cooling and heated benches for ski resorts are available in 5’ sections for creating almost any kind of configuration providing exceptional versatility and adaptability for any space.

Long hours in the summer sun at theme parks can make an otherwise fun experience at a theme park turn into a forgettable, and even regrettable experience. ARZ climate control cooling benches for theme parks help keep guests cool and safe, protecting them from dangerous heat stroke and providing energy to keep enjoying themselves. Keeping guests feeling great – and coming back – to your theme park, supports your bottom line.

ARZ air-conditioned benches have been proven to lower core body temperatures after just a few minutes use. Creating ARZ “Cool Zones” in different areas around your theme park can provide welcomed and needed relief for adults and children.

If the weather turns cold, no problem; our innovative climate control benches convert to ventilated heating benches. Beautiful, tough and supremely functional, ARZ heated and cooled benches are the perfect addition for your theme park.