Air-Conditioned Benches for Sports Teams, Worksites & Events

Athletic Recovery Zone’s (ARZ) climate-controlled benches set the standard for providing year-round comfort and safety by enabling a fast, safe, effective way to cool down or heat up.

Our patented hot and cold air benches (U.S. Patent No. 9,435,554) deliver rapid cooling that reduce heat-related injuries by lowering the core body temperatures of users. When weather conditions turn frigid, the system converts to a heating bench. This unique climate control sports bench offers exceptional performance, regardless of ambient temperatures.

ARZ air-conditioned benches are ideal for anyone or anywhere that protection is needed from extreme weather. Modular, customizable and durable, they are ideal for use on the sidelines and practice fields of sports teams, job worksites, at outdoor events, inside theme parks, ski resorts, and other places where well-being, productivity and performance are important.

How ARZ Climate Control Benches Work

ARZ climate control benches use state-of-the-art, proprietary HVAC equipment inside the bench, exclusively designed and engineered to blow high velocity air from two temperature control zones in the floor and headrest. This creates an atmosphere surrounding the bench that can be adjusted to be considerably cooler or warmer than the prevailing outside air, as needed.

A recent study by the University of Alabama found that athletes who used the benches for 10 minutes for cooling experienced a significant drop in core body temperature, making it an ideal sideline accessory to promote cooling and return players to activity.

Modular Hot & Cold Air Benches Offer Maximum Flexibility

ARZ forced hot and cold air-conditioned benches provide the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. Each sport bench is 5’ long and can be positioned side-by-side to make bench seating space as long as desired. This unique modular design allows for a multitude of configurations including standard straight lines, V-shaped, U-shaped, or staggered lines with extended gaps between bench sections, even circular.


With ARZ’s patented mechanical systems being located inside the benches, their versatility for almost any need is nearly unlimited. ARZ cooling and heating benches feature marine-grade all-aluminum construction providing exceptional durability and longevity.

Choose from Standard or Custom Heating & Cooling Benches

ARZ offers both standard and custom heating and cooling benches for sports teams, organizations, theme parks, ski resorts and events. Outfit your bench with team or corporate logos and colors to promote your brand or ARZ can provide more extensive detailing like custom wood or cushioned trim and specialty engineering.


ARZ’s standard all-aluminum casing is also modern, clean and striking providing excellent flexibility for general multi-purpose use.

Air-Conditioned Sport Benches for Sale or Rent

Our benches are available for season rentals to college and professional sports teams. Employers in the industrial, manufacturing and construction industries, as well as ski resorts and theme parks can purchase equipment.

Short-term climate control benches are available for rent during events like music festivals, golf tournaments, and marathons. ARZ handles all logistics for special event bench rentals including transport, setup, takedown and operation during the event.