Player Safety

Player Safety

Help Players Compete at the Highest, Safest Levels with ARZ Heated & Cooling Sport Benches

Nowhere is safety and performance more critical than on the athletic playing field. Whether football, baseball, soccer or other outdoor sports, you want to ensure your players’ health and well-being while maximizing their availability, productivity and performance. Athletic Recovery Zone heating and cooling sport benches help you achieve this whether players need to stay cool in extremely hot environments or keep warm in extremely cold ones.


ARZ air-conditioned sport benches provide instant relief for over-heated players by efficiently lowering their core body temperature. This helps protect against dangerous situations like heat stroke. It also re-energizes players, helping them get back in the game faster, and able to play at higher levels, longer.


ARZ heating & cooling benches are dual-purpose and convert from cooling benches to heated benches. The same bench that helps your players stay cool on the hottest days can also be used to keep them warm in the harshest of winter settings, protecting them from injuries like pulled or strained muscle.


ARZ climate control benches are engineered for maximum comfort, durability and flexibility. Modular, portable and constructed from tough, marine-grade aluminum, our benches can be configured for any number of settings from the sidelines to the practice fields. ARZ cooling and heating benches are also fully customizable to support your team’s brand or unique needs.


Proven on the sidelines of championship college and professional teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Alabama Crimson Tide, and in PGA Golf Tournaments, ARZ climate control benches provide the ultimate advantage in any setting, and a winning edge.