Market Segments

Get In The Zone

Work Safety

From warehouses to industrial manufacturing plants, ARZ cooling benches support employee safety and productivity in the most demanding work environments.

Player Safety

ARZ’s climate-control benches deliver “on-demand” cooling or heating for athletes, minimizing the effects of hot or cold weather, so players can play at their highest levels.

Spectator Safety

Our modular cooling and heating benches are ideal for ensuring spectator safety and comfort at outdoor events in extreme, hot, humid or cold environments.

Theme Parks & Ski Resorts

Give guests at theme parks and ski resorts convenient areas to cool off or warm up. ARZ’s heating / cooling benches provide comfort and protection against the elements.

Cooling Bench Rentals

Cooling bench rentals are the perfect solution for special events like races, outdoor concerts, golf tournaments and more. Ask about our full service Bench Rental programs!