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Cooling Bench Rentals

Rent an ARZ Cooling Bench for Your Next Event

Want to make your next specialty event a hit with participants and attendees? Rent ARZ’s air-conditioned cooling benches and watch your guests’ reactions! Available in 5’ portable, modular units, the standard 15’ seating setups are recommended for various locations in and around sporting, golf, and concert event venues.


ARZ benches are easy to mobilize and light enough to place in elevated tent platform areas. At the same time, our forced hot and cold air ventilated benches, which are made from tough, durable, marine grade aluminum, are tough, sturdy and able to withstand the most extreme conditions.


The ARZ “Cool Zones” are a tremendous spectator enhancement for hot weather events. Our climate-control bench systems are also dual-purpose, with the ability to deliver cooling or heating, so they are perfect for cold-weather rentals and “warm zones” as well!


ARZ handles all of the logistics for cooling bench rentals for special events including transport, lifting, set-up and removal. During your event, ARZ staff are on-site to ensure that everything is functioning according to plan.

  1. Power setup
  2. Mobilization of all equipment to the event
  3. Setup & takedown
  4. Operation during the event
  5. Onsite labor to operate and maintain equipment
Cool Seats at golf event