About Us

Get In The Zone

Athletic Recovery Zone was founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Brian Cothren and Billy Quillen of Jacksonville, Florida, commercial and industrial HVAC specialists who designed and patented the modular climate control bench system.

Their concept was borne out of a collaboration with Jacksonville Jaguars athletic trainers who were searching for a cooling solution for players to be better able to cope with training camps, practices and games in Florida’s hot, humid summer environment.

This resulted in ARZ’s air-conditioned benches, which provide on-demand cooling or heating to rapidly lower or raise the core body temperature of athletes, spectators, workers, and others.

Our Mission

ARZ’s mission is to use our innovative climate-controlled bench systems to deliver the highest levels of safety, comfort and performance for players, spectators and workers in the athletic, industrial and outdoor events markets. Our team is dedicated to providing a diverse range of quality products and superior technical support.

Athletic facilities are just one way clients use ARZ benches