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Mission Statement: To maintain a leadership position in the industrial, player and spectator / customer arena by providing clients with innovative systems, a diverse range of quality products and responsible technical support.


In an environment of integrity and service excellence, Athletic Recovery Zone’s dedicated, professional team will ensure profitable and dynamic growth for investors, clients and employees.

Product / Business Overview

Athletic Recovery Zone was established in 2010 after Brian Cothren and Billy Quillen of Jacksonville, Florida designed the patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,435,554) modular climate control bench system. ARZ’s longtime collaboration with the Jacksonville Jaguar’s athletic trainer resulted in ARZ’s unique patented technology. The team struggled with veteran players inability to cope with outdoor summer training camps in Florida’s hot, humid, and muggy environment during practice and games. This collaboration resulted in Athletic Recovery Zone’s air-conditioned benches, which provide two temperature control zones enabling a fast, safe, and effective way to cool down. The patented Recovery Zone bench delivers “on demand” cooling or heating. This proven cooling system helps to reduce heat related injuries and reduces core body temperature quickly for athletes as well as spectators. When the weather conditions turn frigid, the system converts to a heating bench. This unique climate control bench offers year-round comfort and safety regardless of ambient temperatures. The Recovery Zone bench uses state of the art proprietary HVAC equipment exclusively designed inside the bench to blow high velocity air out of the floor and headrest to create an atmosphere in and around the bench that is significantly cooler or warmer than the outside air as needed. The cooling and heating bench is comprised of all-aluminum marine grade construction.

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