Athletic Recovery Zone


Get In The Zone

Athletic Recovery Zone’s custom heating & cooling benches deliver on-demand cooling & heating for sports teams, and more!

Athletic Recovery Zone custom heating and cooling benches provide the ultimate advantage for sports teams, workers, event organizers and anyone wishing to deliver maximum safety, comfort and performance. Our patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,435,554) modular climate-controlled bench systems deliver “on-demand” cooling or heating that blows high-velocity air out of multiple areas of the bench creating an environment in and around it, that is significantly cooler or warmer than the outside air. This state-of-the-art high-performance system also recirculates hot or cold air for maximum efficiency.

ARZ’s ventilated, forced hot and cold air cooling and heating benches are constructed using all-aluminum, marine-grade construction and are designed for years of effective use. Watch productivity rise, while ensuring safety and comfort. We provide complete turnkey products from consultation to installation for clients, anywhere.

Ventilated heated & cooled seating for any use.

Athletic facilities are just one way clients use ARZ benches

ARZ benches were originally designed with the idea of increasing player safety, comfort and performance for elite athletes in college and professional sports. The concept proved so successful that our customizable benches were quickly adopted for other uses.


Stay cool in extreme heat. Our cooling benches lower core body temperatures, protecting against dangerous heat stroke.


Keep warm in the most frigid of extremely cold environments. Raising core body temps protects against muscle-related injuries.


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