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   ARZ is your reliable source for patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,435,554) forced hot and cold air benches. Our cooling and heating benches are comprised of an all-aluminum, marine grade construction
   and are designed for years of effective use. We offer a complete turnkey product from consultation to installation. Athletic Recovery Zone incorporates a high output mechanical system that literally    envelops the person in hot or cold air that recirculates for efficiency.

   The Athletic Recovery Zone bench uses unique technology that blows high velocity air out of the floor and headrest to create an atmosphere in and around the bench that is significantly cooler
   or warmer than the outside air. The patented Athletic Recovery Zone bench is a modular climate control bench system that delivers “on demand” cooling or heating. This proven system helps
   reduce heat related stress and injuries.
America's Workforce
Recovery Zone benches are a proven method for increasing and maintaining employee productivity and morale in the harshest of indoor or outdoor workplace environments. Recovery Zone is the ultimate commercial and industrial workplace safety temperature recovery zone for employees that work in extreme hot or cold conditions.

Athletic Recovery Zone bench has been used to provide comfort and a recovery area for professional sports venues for both players on the field and spectators. Recovery Zone benches have proven to be highly effective in frontline emergency first aid stations at these venues.
NCAA Stadiums
Athletic Recovery Zone benches have minimized the effects of extreme cold or heat and humidity felt by college football players at college venues across the country.

Athletic Recovery Zone benches have been very well received at professional auto racing events around the track as a place to recover from heat and get back to enjoying the race, and have saved many spectators from a trip to the emergency room for heat related illness.
PGA Tour Events
Athletic Recovery Zone benches are deployed at various locations around the golf course at several professional golf events, giving spectators a convenient place to cool off and recover from the heat during the tournament.

Recovery Zone
heating or cooling benches are the perfect solution for special events, such as weddings, carnivals, fairs, theme parks, or any event (short or long term in nature) where weather can impact the success of the event.

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